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We supply and install Residential, Industrial and Rural fencing throughout Adelaide and South Australia.

We have 20 years experience specializing in electrified fencing. Our work meets and exceeds all standards as per Australian Legislation.

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How Effective is Electric Fencing?

Electrified fencing is the most important component of your Complete Security System. It secures and monitors the “First line of defence”, the perimeter of the property. Not only does the electrified fencing serve as a physical and psychological barrier, but also as a perimeter alarm system. It is proactive rather than reactive as it stops perpetrators before they enter your property.

Should a perpetrator attempt to breach the system the fence alarms immediately, alerting both the client and a nominated offsite monitoring company of the attempted breach. The system can be linked to your alarm system or a GSM communicator.

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Domestic Electric Fence

Ensure Your Electric Fence Is Installed Correctly

A poorly installed electric fence has many weak links and your security is only as strong as your weakest link. If not installed correctly, criminals are able to gain access by either going under the fence, through or over it. Our comprehensive installation service ensures your installation meets the highest International standards. We wire all of our fencing in series as opposed to parallel. This insures that if any one wire is cut, or if a live and earth wire connect, the system shall activate. This is the highest security standard.

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